Staff - Directors

Dr. Panos Valavanis

Professor of Classical Archaeology

His various interests comprise Attic vase painting and iconography, Panathenaic amphorae and ceramic workshops, the topography of Athens, and most recently the topography and history of the Galaxidi area. He is also studies ancient Greek technology, athletics, and the origins of the Olympic Games.


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Dr. Panagiota Polychronakou-Sgouritsa

Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology

Her research focuses on the Mycenaean Period especially in Attica, the Argosaronic Gulf, and the Cyclades. From 2002 she is responsible for the archaeological investigation of the Mycenaean settlement of Lazarides on Aegina.

Dr. Yiannis Papadatos

Assistant Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology

His main research interests comprise the Early Bronze Age Aegean and funerary archaeology of the prehistoric Aegean. In the last years his research has mainly focused on various sites of eastern Crete, as well as on experimental approaches of the prehistoric Aegean technology.

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Dr. Giorgos Vavouranakis

Assistant Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology

The main field of interest is prehistoric Aegean, archaeological theory, landscape archaeology, funerary customs, image and archaeological discourse. He is currently responsible for the publication of artifacts from burial and settlement contexts in Crete and Cyprus.

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Dr. Marlen Mouliou

Lecturer of Museology

Her extensive fields of interest include Greek museums and their social value, museum history, material culture, museum archaeology, city museum policies and urban narratives, participatory museum interpretation , systemic theory and museums etc. Among other matters, she is responsible for the project “Educational Activity for Elementary School Pupils in the excavation of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens at Plasi Marathon”.

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