The most common category of clay artifacts comprise whorls, loom weights, spools, lids, perforated discs and sherds: all associated with residential and domestic debris.

Among the most interesting finds of the 2016 campaign was the discovery of a female head of a clay figurine. This appeared during the excavation of the Archaic Sanctuary. It is dated to the Archaic period and was obviously used as a votive offering in the temenos.

The excavation of the cemetery has so far produced a significant number of metal artifacts. Rather exceptional was the discovery of a series of bronze weapons inside the Early Mycenaean Warrior Tomb, that was found beneath the floor within the Perivolos of the Archaic Sanctuary.

Another tomb, dated to the Geometric period according to its findings, contained the primary burial of a child, with an iron bracelet on its armlet.

Obsidian and chert are among the most common materials for stone tools and weapons. One of the most interesting findings of the 2016 season was the discovery of 11 arrowheads inside the Warrior Tomb.